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Amazing Mongolia

  • Price: To consult
  • Components: 5-9pax
  • Time: 45min.

The extraordinary ensemble known as Amazing Mongolia’ is a collective of exceptionally talented performers who embarked on an impressive journey to become circus performers from a remarkably young age. Nurtured within the ‘New Mongolian Circus’, its story embodies a legacy of excellence that has captivated audiences around the world since the center’s creation in 2000.
These prodigious artists undergo rigorous training at their esteemed “OTGOO” studio and training center. The “OTGOO” serves as a crucible to acquire technical experience and practical knowledge to become world-class artists.
The accolades garnered by these artists are an unequivocal testament to their unparalleled skill. They have proudly represented Mongolia and the ‘New Mongolian Circus’ on the world stage, racking up trophies, awards, medals and even the prestigious Bronze Clown at the ‘Monte Carlo International Festival’ Circus. Their brilliance dazzles intensely with a Silver Lion at the Wuhan and Wuqiao festivals, along with a Golden Lion at the ‘Yakut Mammoth Festival’, among other honours.

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